Mind Exercises and Improving Your Memory

A childhood game where you find the correct pair of tiles in a grouping of overturned tiles, is a familiar and fun way to help your child learn and improve their memory. When it comes to adults, it can often feel like your own memory is deteriorating with each passing birthday. Forgetting where you put your keys, that appointment you have scheduled or even the name of that person you just met happens to everyone. Aside from the possible embarrassment of having to ask the person their name again, the situation could cause serious issues, such as when you try to remember if you left the gas on. It can seem like there is nothing to stop the inevitable passage of time; if you have resigned yourself to having a poor memory, know that there is hope.

Just like the muscles in your arms can improve with regular exercise, so too can your brain. One way to do this is with mind exercises. Mind exercises are not only fun but a great way to improve your memory. By providing stimulating and thought provoking exercise you can help your brain get the workout it needs.

Along with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet, mind exercises are an important factor in keeping your mind alert and aware. Research has shown that the brain is able to form new neural pathways even as we age, making it all the more prudent to give your brain the workout it deserves. Mind exercises seek to provide your brain with new and challenging experiences that help promote growth of neural connections.

A mind exercise doesn’t require you to try to figure out a complex and intricate math problem, it doesn’t even require you to revisit your old textbooks. Actions such as driving a different way to the store or brushing your teeth with the opposite hand can help to form new pathways. Reading new books about subjects you aren’t familiar with can also provide your brain with a workout, and give you something new discuss at your next dinner party. Learning a new language or some other skill is also a great way to entertain yourself and help your brain.

You can even use your weekly trip to the grocery store to test your memory. Start by making a list of the items you need and then tuck it in your bag or pocket. Try to remember all the things you have written down and once you feel like you have it all, compare it to your list. This exercise forces your brain to work in real time, while dodging other patrons and their carts and it is a great way to test your ability to recall items. Make it more challenging by trying get the items on the list in order.

Mind exercises work because they cause your brain to not only process new information, but often times they are making you learn in a new way. Just as children are taught multiple approaches to math problems, there are multiple ways to complete a challenge and by giving your brain something to learn in a new way you are promoting new neural connections. Humans love novelty, it is one of the reasons new electronics always sell. When you give your brain something new it fires up those neurons and excitedly starts trying to understand.

Aside from the reality based mind exercises, there are also numerous mobile and tablet based options. These apps provide your brain with a set of different problems and activities that you may not encounter in your daily life. A great advantage is the fact that they are able to be worked on whenever you have a few spare moments. Whether it is organizing puzzle, solving word problems or even the dreaded math problems, apps provide you with the opportunity to exercise your mind when you are able to squeeze in a few minutes of downtime.

By using both real world and electronic based experiences you can provide your brain with a daily dose of something new and different. Mind exercise are a great way to improve your memory. Just like a muscle, your brain needs a workout.