Seven Ways to Get a Girlfriend

Think you need a high paying job, big house, fancy car or “game” to get a girlfriend. Think again. Many times it is the simple, thoughtful things that impress a woman. Seven ways to impress a woman, and help get her to become your girlfriend are listed below.

Be Polite
One of the easiest ways to impress a woman is to be polite. Manners are never over rated. Courtesy and politeness are just another way to show respect. Say “Please”, “Thank you” and “Excuse me.” Hold the door open for her. Give her your seat on public transportation. Out on a date with her? Don’t answer your phone, check Facebook or send text messages. And most importantly, don’t be polite to just her, be polite to everyone. It makes you more like-able and attractive.

man holding flowers

Bring Flowers
It seems very old-fashioned but I, personally, don’t know any woman who doesn’t like flowers. So bring her some. It doesn’t have to be a dozen red roses. A bunch of daisies, a bouquet of tulips, sunflowers or a single rose. The effect is always the same. This unexpected gift will result in a smile that will bloom like a flower in sunshine. It shows thoughtfulness and reminiscent of some old-school courting. You don’t think old-school works? Ask your Granddad.

Smell Good
There is nothing like a good smelling man. When she inhales, her thought should be “Mmmmmm! Let me get closer” not “Let me move to the other side of the room.” Somehow the dirty, smelly man has become the expected. Why is that? Let’s change that gentlemen. If a man smells good, a woman knows his hygiene is on point and that is impressive. You don’t have to smell like Acqua Di Gio either. The scent of soap and water has the same effect. It’s just about cleanliness. Fresh breath, clean teeth, neat clothes. Oh, and your home. If that is neat and smelling good, a woman will be really, really impressed.

Give Her Your Undivided Attention
When you are with her look in her eyes. Listen as she speaks. You should listen more than you speak actually. Ask her questions based on what she’s talking to you about. Again, don’t answer your phone, in fact put it on silence so the bells, whistles, and ring tones don’t provide a distraction. Take this time to just be with her. Enjoy her company. Being attentive to her will make her feel that she is important. It is also another way to show that you respect her.

Compliment Her Often
As my friend says, “Take note of my undeniable beauty.” It can’t be denied so say something about it. And mean it. Everyone likes to hear an honest, sincere, heart felt compliment. A “Wow! you look beautiful” when your eyes first see her is always nice to hear. And look in her eyes when you give out the compliment. Try to make it original and specific to her. Oh, and please don’t compliment her breasts or her back side.

Be Honest
Honesty is always impressive. It shows you are of good character. That you are trustworthy, genuine and authentic. Women like authenticity. Don’t lie to impress a woman. That’s just bad. I promise you she will eventually find out.

Be Confident
Woman love confidence. So be self confident but not arrogant. Having self-confidence shows and it makes you more seem more reassuring. One who is confident does all that is mentioned above.

Impressing women is not as difficult as you may think. A little courtesy and a little respect, a lot of hygiene and a dash of attention with a whole heap of genuineness will go a long way to making you look impressive to woman. And once you’ve impressed them, getting them to be your girlfriend is the easy part.

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What Causes Low Testosterone In Men?

Testosterone is the naturally occurring hormone in both men and women. However, the effects of testosterone are more prevalent in men because it is the guiding male hormone and is in a much lower concentrations in women. Testosterone is responsible for the onset of puberty in males because it is responsible for the elevated sex drive, muscle production, body hair production, bone development and sperm production. Testosterone is at its highest levels in men in the mornings and wanes throughout the day, and there is a marked decrease in testosterone production beginning in men at approximately 30 years of age. However, this decreased testosterone production should not produce any noticeable changes at this point. The threshold for a diagnosis of low testosterone is often met because issues have presented themselves.

Symptoms of low testosterone include low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and enlarged breasts. A marked decrease in sex drive is also a prevalent symptom of low testosterone. Ironically, these are not the most severe symptoms, and in most cases, these issues can be corrected easily. Some men experience more severe symptoms like depression, mood swings, and loss of muscle tone, osteoporosis and loss of body hair. Hot flashes alone or with any of the other symptoms is also a common occurrence in people suspected of severe low testosterone levels. There are many causes for low testosterone, but the types of low testosterone are categorized as primary and secondary hypogonadism, and a doctor will be necessary to determine which of the two is the culprit.


Primary hypogonadism is commonly referred to as primary testicular failure. This problem is caused by direct problems with the testicles themselves. Common causes of this type of testicular injury are testicular cancer, or the radiation or chemotherapy treatments for this form of cancer, and physical trauma. Trauma has the combined negative effect of negatively affecting sperm production. Testosterone production is also negatively affected by undescended testicles. When the testicles do not descend from their developmental area in the stomach to the scrotum during childhood, testosterone production will be seriously arrested.

Secondary hypogonadism occurs because of glandular issues occurring in the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. These glands function primarily to regulate the production of testosterone itself, so issues with them will negatively affect testosterone levels greatly. Medications can also be the source of secondary hypogonadism. The main culprit in this realm is often pain relieving medications like opioids. Because testosterone production naturally decreases with age, ageing is a very common cause, but diseases like type 2 diabetes are causes also.

Mind Exercises and Improving Your Memory

A childhood game where you find the correct pair of tiles in a grouping of overturned tiles, is a familiar and fun way to help your child learn and improve their memory. When it comes to adults, it can often feel like your own memory is deteriorating with each passing birthday. Forgetting where you put your keys, that appointment you have scheduled or even the name of that person you just met happens to everyone. Aside from the possible embarrassment of having to ask the person their name again, the situation could cause serious issues, such as when you try to remember if you left the gas on. It can seem like there is nothing to stop the inevitable passage of time; if you have resigned yourself to having a poor memory, know that there is hope.

Just like the muscles in your arms can improve with regular exercise, so too can your brain. One way to do this is with mind exercises. Mind exercises are not only fun but a great way to improve your memory. By providing stimulating and thought provoking exercise you can help your brain get the workout it needs.

Along with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet, mind exercises are an important factor in keeping your mind alert and aware. Research has shown that the brain is able to form new neural pathways even as we age, making it all the more prudent to give your brain the workout it deserves. Mind exercises seek to provide your brain with new and challenging experiences that help promote growth of neural connections.

A mind exercise doesn’t require you to try to figure out a complex and intricate math problem, it doesn’t even require you to revisit your old textbooks. Actions such as driving a different way to the store or brushing your teeth with the opposite hand can help to form new pathways. Reading new books about subjects you aren’t familiar with can also provide your brain with a workout, and give you something new discuss at your next dinner party. Learning a new language or some other skill is also a great way to entertain yourself and help your brain.

You can even use your weekly trip to the grocery store to test your memory. Start by making a list of the items you need and then tuck it in your bag or pocket. Try to remember all the things you have written down and once you feel like you have it all, compare it to your list. This exercise forces your brain to work in real time, while dodging other patrons and their carts and it is a great way to test your ability to recall items. Make it more challenging by trying get the items on the list in order.

Mind exercises work because they cause your brain to not only process new information, but often times they are making you learn in a new way. Just as children are taught multiple approaches to math problems, there are multiple ways to complete a challenge and by giving your brain something to learn in a new way you are promoting new neural connections. Humans love novelty, it is one of the reasons new electronics always sell. When you give your brain something new it fires up those neurons and excitedly starts trying to understand.

Aside from the reality based mind exercises, there are also numerous mobile and tablet based options. These apps provide your brain with a set of different problems and activities that you may not encounter in your daily life. A great advantage is the fact that they are able to be worked on whenever you have a few spare moments. Whether it is organizing puzzle, solving word problems or even the dreaded math problems, apps provide you with the opportunity to exercise your mind when you are able to squeeze in a few minutes of downtime.

By using both real world and electronic based experiences you can provide your brain with a daily dose of something new and different. Mind exercise are a great way to improve your memory. Just like a muscle, your brain needs a workout.

Ways to improve your memory.

There are some ways to improve your memory as simple as tying a string on your finger. That old time memory trick was used by housewives who had many tasks called chores to do and knew that if they didn’t tie a string to remember to buy cat food that the cat would probably go hungry. If you are wondering how tying a string would help a housewife to remember to buy cat food, the trick is that when the housewife ties the string she is tying it for the express purpose of remembering to buy cat food. Tying a string works for whatever it is that you need to remember to do when you are done with everything that you need to do. The key to improving your memory is not to expect or to blame your memory for forgetting. Making it a practice to accept your personality traits of which memory is one helps to promote a feeling of balance in your behavior towards yourself, remember always that the first person to love is yourself.


You can not be expected to remember everything that you read. The reason why the old monks wrote notes on the edges of pages that they had read was to remember the thought that was prompted from the reading. These monks could then refer to their notes to write a response to the reading. Another trick that is used in school is that of making notes of key words or sentences of important aspects of the work that the student is studying. The writing out of the key words or the sentence reinforces the information that the reading is supposed to be learned by the student. These are all aides to working with memory while trying to learn a subject that is new or difficult. To expect yourself to remember everything that you have read is really expecting too much of yourself. Give yourself a break and take notes.

There are other more complicated tricks that are supposedly helpful to remembering like comparing a person’s name to some animal or to some attribute of his facial features. These tricks are really expecting more of yourself than simply repeating the data that you are trying to remember until it is memorized or can be recited by heart or rote. To memorize a poem or a verse from a play is more helpful in developing key understanding to your brain’s capacity to remember than trying to figure out how many syllables are in a word and what does it remind you of.

Be kind to yourself and make lists of things to do and when to do them. Don’t be embarrassed if you have to spend a little more time shopping with a list than presuming that you have developed a complicated ritual of what you need to get. Writing down milk, bread and eggs and buying milk, bread and eggs is easier than working out a code like meg; milk, eggs and bread. What if you forget to think of meg?